• American Academy of Pediatrics – Section on Epidemiology, Public Health and Evidence
    (AAP-SOEPHE) [Associate Member]
  • American College of Epidemiology
    (ACE) [Regular Member]
  • American Public Health Association, Epidemiology Section
    (APHA-Epi Section) [Regular Member]
  • Australasian Epidemiological Association
    (AEA) [Regular Member]
  • Brazilian Association of Public Health (Associação Brasileira de Saúde Coletiva)
    (ABRASCO) [Associate Member]
  • Cameroon Society of Epidemiology
    (CaSE) [Regular Member]
  • Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
    (CSEB) [Regular Member]
  • Collegium Ramazzini
    (CR) [Regular Member]
  • Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists
    (CSTE) [Regular Member]
  • German Society for Epidemiology
    (DGEpi) [Regular Member]
  • International Epidemiological Association
    (IEA) [Regular Member]
  • International Society for Children's Health and the Environment
    (ISCHE) [Regular Member]
  • International Society for Environmental Epidemiology
    (ISEE) [Regular Member]
  • International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology
    (ISPE) [Regular Member]
  • Italian Association of Epidemiology
    (AIE) [Associate Member]
  • Japan Epidemiological Association
    (JEA) [Associate Member]
  • National Association of County & City Health Officials – Epidemiology Workgroup
    (NACCHO) [Regular Member]
  • Public Health Association of South Africa
    (PHASA) [Associate Member]
  • Romanian Society of Epidemiology
    (RSE) [Regular Member]
  • Royal Society for Public Health
    (RSPH) [Regular Member]
  • Society for the Analysis of African American Public Health Issues
    (SAAPHI) [Regular Member]
  • Spanish Society of Epidemiology
    (SEE) [Regular Member]

Contact Information
International Joint Policy Committee
of the Societies of Epidemiology

c/o American College of Epidemiology
1500 Sunday Drive, Suite 102
Raleigh, NC 27607, USA

Twitter: @IJPCSE
Health for all through ethical, independent and transparent science


This report is our first to you as one of our founding donors. Your confidence in us has been critical for our work and towards achieving financial independence. Thank you!

We have made much progress in our mission, and continue to structure our organization to maximize productivity and to better inform policies that impact health. We strive to counter ideological and moneyed influence in research and attempts to bias policies that impact health.

The 22 member organizations comprising the IJPC-SE are finalizing the 2018–2020 Strategic Plan, which includes critical initiatives such as the development of policy briefs and position statements about pressing issues of public health concern; distance-learning programs; building effective communication with the public and professional peers; and, establishment of an annual symposium.

In 2012, we produced our globally impactful Position Statement on Asbestos. Growing the organization, we are now proud to announce our just-published peer-reviewed article on challenges to the census in the UK-based Public Health, the world’s longest continuous scientific journal on public health. The article confirms that, if the census were undermined, the rational basis for allocating resources would be weakened. Another upcoming peer-reviewed article addresses the role of epidemiology in firearm violence prevention. The challenges faced by public health are many. Ongoing topics include “gender equity in the profession,” “conflict-of-interest and disclosure,” “climate change,” “e‑Cigarettes,” and “big data.”

In order to accomplish our goals and to ensure a sustainable future, the Board of the International Joint Policy Committee of the Societies of Epidemiology (IJPC-SE) has set a fundraising goal of US $3 million over the next 3 years in the form of an endowment.

The endowment is to be achieved by a combination of funding from philanthropic foundations and individual donations. Our founding donors are critical because they serve to add credibility and competitiveness to our applications to foundations by virtue of the groundswell of public support that they represent. Thank you once again!

Professional fundraising advice tells us that we must secure at least 500 donors to be deemed credible in the eyes of philanthropic foundations. So far, we have 370 founding donors. Your help in finding at least 130 more donors is crucial. We hope to reach this point by year-end and then start applying to foundations whose missions are aligned with our own for the large amounts needed to achieve our endowment goal.

At this time of year, when appeals to give are greatest, please extend your founding donor role by doing three things right away:
  1. Unless you recently donated, donate again here. You will find an even more user-friendly and secure portal with additional options to give;
  2. Ask other people to donate. This is critical because our immediate goal for 2017 is to reach at least 500 donors;
  3. Spread the word about us among your networks to join us as a founding donor.
Two years have passed since the IJPC-SE became a US-based tax-deductible public charity. We are now striving to achieve the same status in Canada.

Take a few minutes to step through our website’s home page to see seven rich endorsements of the IJPC-SE, the substance of our work quick-referenced under “WHAT'S NEW?”, and experience our enhanced website for computers and smartphones. Consistent with placing importance on transparency, all donors –unless a donor prefers anonymity– can be found on our donor list. The product of our work is available for all to see. We hope you will agree that your money is being well-spent in the public interest.

Financial independence will come only once we achieve our endowment, allowing us to move securely forward on our collective goals. Our aim remains to be financially independent, protecting health for all through ethical, independent and transparent science.

Integrity, equity and evidence are our watchwords.
Please direct questions or concerns to:
Dr. Colin Soskolne, Chair of the Development Committee,
or by phone/text at +1 780 966-6498.

Looking forward to your renewed and continued support.
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